Stop over paying for a lifted truck!

Torque Theory specializes in designing and lifting trucks. Compare us to companies like SCA Performance and Tuscany, and you will see that you will save THOUSANDS of dollars when using Torque Theory instead.

How is this possible you ask? Torque Theory doesn't use proprietary products when designing trucks. This process can become really expensive very quickly. However, Torque Theory uses different products from a variety of different manufacturers to design trucks. This has been done in great success for many dealerships. 

As a dealership looking to outsource and lift a truck to resell to a customer, you are going to want to have a truck that is going to be appealing, so that it attracts visitors to your dealership, and yet affordable enough for the end consumer to be able to purchase and banks to approve the loan for. Utilizing other companies like SCA Performance and their Black Widow package, you can expect a markup in price in excess of $15-20K over the retail price. Compare that to a starting package from Torque Theory which will cost you just $4200. This makes financing the truck a lot easier.

Why is financing a specialty truck a big deal? Well, one, lifted trucks attract more attention to your dealership. Two, a lifted truck carries more of a markup resulting in more profit for your dealership and more money for your sales person. Three, banks will only finance up to 15-20% over the price of the truck, and that requires excellent credit to get that high of a price to finance. So, a better priced designed truck will result in increased conversions and more inventory pushed through. 


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