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ReadyLift 2.25" Front Leveling Kit W/ Heavy-Duty Fab Control Arms - GM 2500/3500 HD 2011-2019

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New for 2018 - ReadyLIFT now offers our popular 2011-UP GM 2500/3500 HD forged torsion key leveling kit with our all-new heavy-duty fabricated steel upper control arms. Our time-tested torsion key leveling kit is the strongest, safest leveling key system on the market for GM 2011-2019 2500/3500HD platform. Combine our leveling kit with these new ultra-strong fabricated boxed upper control arms with 1-ton ball joints and you have an excellent leveling option at a great price!

The ReadyLIFT 44-3100 Extreme-Duty Upper Control Arms for 2011-2019 GM 2500/3500 HD trucks use our time-tested fabricated steel design technology. Laser-cut and CNC bent .125 4130 Chromoly plate steel precision construction creates an incredibly strong package engineered to be used on trucks with 0"-8" of lift. The critical pivot points are maintenance-free and extremely durable for long-lasting use. Our 1-ton spring loaded HD series ball joints maintain the factory driving experience and can take a beating from the excessive weight of heavy aftermarket wheels and tires. To protect the joint from nasty road debris such as salt and sand, our arms include CNC machined billet aluminum caps which helps extend the life of the ball joints.

Frame side pivots feature our proprietary new TCT bushings which are self-lubricating and engineered to last. These new bushings include "side biter" washers to aid in maintaining alignment settings. The free-floating bushing design eliminates friction which is the most common culprit of traditional bushing failure.

Each ReadyLIFT Extreme-Duty Upper Control Arm features a rugged Anthracite Gray powder coat finish along with stainless steel ReadyLIFT brand arm badge. These new arms are sure to start a new revolution in upper control arm expectations. Now is your chance to be the first to offer them to your customers who really do need a better UCA!


  • Correct ball joint pivot angle for lifted or leveled applications.
  • Tab and slot boxed 4130 Chromoly plate steel design increases overall strength and durability.
  • Stronger and longer-lasting outer and inner pivots.
  • New Heavy-Duty spring-loaded ball joint for maximum long-lasting durability!
  • New ReadyLIFT TCT (Terrain Control Technology) pivots are maintenance-free and self-lubricating.
  • TCT pivots include a new "free float" inner bushing with "side biter" washers.
  • Includes a CNC machined billet aluminum cover cap to protect the ball joint from road debris.
  • Can be used on 2011-UP GM 2500/3500HD trucks with 0"-8" of front lift.
  • Tough Anthracite Gray powder coat
  • Durable Grade 8 hardware.
  • No modifications required to install

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