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Fleece Performance 2011-2016 LML Duramax PowerFlo In-tank Lift Pump (Long Bed)

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The PowerFlo* lift pump is the latest OEM replacement performance lift pump from the diesel experts at Fleece Performance. The PowerFlo is the only in-tank lift pump capable of supporting up to 800 hp! The LML when delivered from the factory relies on vacuum from the CP4 to draw fuel from the tank, this puts extra stress on the injection pump and can lead to premature failure. The PowerFlo lift pump provides positive fuel pressure to the CP4, decreasing strain on the injection pump and supporting up to 800 hp.

Direct OEM In-Tank Replacement:

The PowerFlo Lift Pump retains the factory fuel lines and installs in less than half the time of other high flow lift pumps.

OEM Quality - Dual Gerotor:

Two is always better than one, and the PowerFlo delivers with two OEM quality gerotor pumps, increasing flow capacity and increased reliability over the factory pump. Capable of supporting up to 800 hp, including dual CP3 pump configurations.

Seamless Integration:

The active fill bucket eliminates the need for tank sumps, draw straws, additional air filtration, and the ¼ tank issues typically encountered when seeking a higher flow lift pump to meet your engine’s need.

Aftermarket Capable:

Want the benefits of the in-tank pump but need to run your own fuel lines or aftermarket filters? The pump outlet and return is threaded to accept a -8 O-ring fitting (3/4"-16 thread).

The PowerFLo Lift Pump is also backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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