Fabtech 2020 GM 2500HD 4WD 2.25in Front Leveling System

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Fabtech’s Leveling kit provides a small amount of lift for the front of the vehicle. This helps to level the stance of the vehicle front to rear as compared to the factory nose down appearance. The added ride height allows for the installation of larger tires and wheels for a more aggressive look. The heavy duty replacement torsion bar keys directly replace the factory keys for a straightforward installation.

This Fabtech Leveling kit has undergone extensive engineering to properly function without placing the suspension in bind throughout the travel range.

Fabtech offers an exclusive Trade Up program on this Leveling Kit. If you ever want to step up to a complete 5" Fabtech suspension system after you buy a Leveling Kit, you can trade in the previously purchased kit towards the price of a new Fabtech system. Please see the program details.


  • Heavy-Duty Forged Construction
  • Directly Replaces Factory Keys
  • Properly Engineered To Have No Suspension Bind
  • 5 Year 60,000 Mile Powertrain Warranty

Tires & Wheels

  • Use 35/12.50R18 tires w/ 18×9 wheels w/ 5 3/4” BS w/ minor trimming
  • Use 35/12.50R20 tires w/ 20×9 wheels w/ 5 3/4” BS w/ minor trimming
  • Use 35/12.50R22 tires w/ 22×9 wheels w/ 5 3/4” BS w/ minor trimming


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